Episode 84 – Hobbitual Offender

December 27, 2013

More excited for a new movie than they’ve been since before the release of Phantom Menace, Tom and Brian line up for Peter Jackson’s latest venture into the world of Middle Earth. 161 minutes later, they leave the theater feeling just like did at Phantom Menace… As faithful to Tolkien as CBS is to real nerds, just what is wrong with the film? Pull a Beorn-sized chair up to the hearth and let the mouse-sized bees do whatever they want as we discuss where the film departs from the books.

Seriously, they do this in the film...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
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Anima Tactics
TIE Fightin’ T’ursdays

Show Notes –
The Nerd’s Guide to The Hobbit
The Desolation of Tolkien
My Father’s Eviscerated Work
Moviefone Review: The other Side of the Story

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