Multiple universes, still one genre?

March 17, 2016

By Christopher Robin Negelein

Cage match of ideas! Fight! I think we all know that DC/Warner has missteped, but my theory is that they’ve pretty much done the “missed the trees for the forest” thing here.

They’ve seen that Marvel/Disney has branched out into different stories even though the MCU is a shared universe across TV and film. The secret to that sauce, though, has been that Marvel has embraced different genres within those stories.

Actually, it’s not even a secret, they’ve publicly said that’s their format. Match up a hero with good story and a movie genre and then just run with it. GotG, space opera, Ant Man, heist movies, etc.

 And that may be why the Avengers movie sort of limped along in some respects, it’s focus was purely as a superhero film.

DC, though, has been delving into multiple universes and I can see why. It’s less limiting in stories approaches (and less of headache to get them to work together… see SHIELD in that respect — no disrespect intended.)

But it seems that regardless of what story they’re telling, it still seems to be about superheroes. It might be about light romp adventure supers: (Flash) moody supers (Arrow) buddy comedy supers (LoT), or grimdark supers (BvS); different tones, but the same genre.

And maybe that’s the issue there, they’ve painted themselves into an imaginary box, not realizing that the comic book medium, and history, is full of much more potential.

Making their choice to “open” DC to a multiverse all that more ironic.

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