Some disassembly required

April 21, 2017

By Christopher Robin Negelein

(Caliban’s War)

The Expanse finale ends with a reverse explosion, lives changed and Ahab coming in from the cold.

The theme for a couple of the characters in the final Season 2 was a redemption of sorts.  Holden got Naomi back as he confessed that Alex pulled him away from the ledge of his plunge in Captain Ahab territory.  She say that he doesn’t sound like the man she left two episodes ago.

It looks like things are going to slow down to the point that there’s even a bit of Amos fan service.  Dude,  when you are barely in full G  all the time, how do you get abs like that?

But things can’t be that quiet for long, can they? A good eye can see that one of the cargo bay doors has been shredded open.

Back with Av and Bobby, things look dire but Coytar has a surprise for Bobby. He smuggled her power armor on the shuttle, now she just has to smuggle through Mao’s ship to get to it. Meanwhile, Coytar is taking filbusster lessons from Av so they can stall. The tension is ratcheted up because Coytar took a bullet and is getting woozy.

To keep him anchored, Av plays the “You owe me because you got my kid killed.” He plays the “No, I owe him and I’m paying that back by keeping you alive.” It’s a distinction. Just as Mao radios in to tell his crew to do them in, Bobby shows up to kick some ass in all of her power armor glory.

She earned it, crawling through “Jeffery” tubes, dealing with guns that have fingerprint sensors and talking out logic with a engineer who’d rather be roughed up and shoved in a cargo locker than killed.

Back on the Roci, though, they have a hybrid hitchhiker that’s sniffing around the cargo area for the quickest way to the reactor where it can feed on radiation.

Using physics to play with “gravity” (remember the Expanse universe has no artificial gravity so thrust is the only way things stick to the floor of their rocket ships) and other bits of science keeps the scenes tense and interesting.  Can’t reach a gun on a catwalk? Slap the catwalk so the vibrations propel the gun up into the air. This blows the shit out of School House Rock and a gazillion YouTube videos.

But we have to say good bye to the Arborghast, Dr. Iturbi  and Col. Janus.  (Did you catch the cameo, btw?) They decide to drop lower to get better readings, but their Martian shadow plummets down faster to beat them and then vanishes. Moments later, the proto molecule surrounds them and dissembles the ship, leaving the crew floating in what looks like an expanded technical drawing. We assume their fates are sealed.

Poor little Mei is also sealed in a cryochamber by what we assume will be our new villain for Season 3 as he sings that same ditty that Amos does.


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