The last audio chapter in the craziness of our Diesel-Punk, post-apocalyptic, Weird Western RPG. We’ll dive right on in the middle of combat with our Texas Rangers usual battle cry of “We need more dynamite!”

Thanks again to Atomic Overmind Press for their “Submachine Guns and Sorcery” setting, Day after Ragnarok.

And thanks to Monte Cook Games for the Cypher System.

So our Texas Rangers have gone from an Investigative mission, to Search and Rescue to now just Survival. How will our crew use their abandoned town to their advantage, Check it out in our fifth episode of our Cypher RPG series.


Playing in the crazy Pulp/Diesel-Punk/Post-Apocalyptic world of Day After Ragnarok, our Texas Rangers are pushing the limits of their characters sanity as the players push “all in” for the chaos. The Cypher System engine, btw, handled it…