Tom is a professional code slinger and armchair futurist, transit nerd, VR enthusiast, and robotics fan. Video games are his longest running hobby. He dreams of a digitally enhanced future, commuting by roller coaster, and living in a theme park.

In addition to that of his faithful dogs, Swiper and Walnut, Tom enjoys the company of his robotic cleaners, Elmer, Vacii, and Mopii, even though the only thing the latter three fetch is dirt.

Brian Reed
Brian Reed

Brian has been a nerd, gamer, and comic book geek since the Atari 5200 was cool, nerds weren’t, and comics cost $0.75. Though his hobbies now cost a fair bit more, he is no less passionate about his escapism. He is proud to be a part of both Florida Geek Scene and The Nerdstravaganza.

Kamran Khurshid
Kamran Khurshid

-Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Law Professor by day.*

-Gamer, Comic Hound, Podcaster, D20 Roller and Crime Fighter by night.

“They’ll never take me alive.” -Kam

Christopher Robin Negelein
Christopher Robin Negelein

Chris started as a storyteller of worlds, wonders and words at the age of twelve when he had exhausted the complete inventory of fantastical fiction in both of his local libraries. From that point, he started up his own stories and adventures while never looking back.

A couple of years later, he heard some guys talking about Flaming Swords: Orcs On Fire. After figuring out they weren’t talking about a Heavy Metal band, but some new kind of game fueled on imagination, caffeine, and the coolest dice known to the Roman Empire, he turned on his GM mojo and told new stories in a bold, interactive way.

If there’s paints, video games, tentacles, or steam-driven gears involved, then he’s probably grabbed a brush, mashed a button, ducked for his life, or rolled down the Ghost Rock Redeye with said geeky hobby in hand.

You can check out his short fiction at Amazon, Smashwords, and Nook, or read his babble about fiction writing and world building at The Writer’s Bright Cave.

*Neither Kamran Khurshid, The Nerdstravaganza Podcast, nor any other host thereof is providing any legal advice whatsoever to any visitor of this site, listener of the podcast, or viewer of any video, nor is any attorney/client relationship created in any way through this site, any podcast episode or video.

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2 comments on “Meet the Cast

  1. Jesse Munoz Aug 17, 2015

    I’ve known Kam since the high school days. Pretty cool idea for a show you guys have. Have you ever debated best Star Trek captain? Of course it’s Jean Lucky Picard, right?

    • ganzadmin Aug 17, 2015

      Hi Jesse, and thank you for saying so! Of course, you’re right about Picard being best, but I think we could still debate it just for argument’s sake.