Playing Wonder Woman your way

May 29, 2017

By Christopher Robin Negelein

With Wonder Woman on the horizon, it’s tempting to jump into a superhero game and play the amazon, but there’s a problem. She a major heavy hitter, someone who’s had to wrestle Supes and walked away. That sort of power level is a challenge for some GMs to run and for a level-based supers campaign, it doesn’t leave much room for growth.

The same problem goes for her two best friends, Supes and Batman. Part of it is that most superhero games try to give you the chance to play all three heroes in a balanced fashion.

But getting someone like Wonder Woman (or a game’s copyright avoiding version of these two) is not so hard on paper when a game adds  every power that hero has had over the decades of their publication.

WW is a perfect example of this. Over the years, she had an invisible plane, which she doesn’t need now since she’s been a flying super for years now (depending on who writes her.) For a time she was a mostly human private detective back in the seventies. Even her origin has changed from divine miracle to Zeus’s daughter.

Even her teammates have had their massive power shifts over the years. Like most popular superheroines, she is an amalgam of several decades of writers writing themselves into corners.

Reinvention, though, is something the medium hasn’t been shy about. Comic book series concepts like Year One min-series, Elseworlds, and reboots can all be inspiration for a version of Wonder Woman, or any hero that you want to capture the essence of. Either way, reread or discover your favorite Wonder Woman stories. Take what you love from them, recreate her in your image and then have a blast playing.


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