Paint Guns and Pits

June 22, 2016

By Christopher Robin Negelein

This little town of Annville here, I tell you that it just keeps getting weirder.

That’s pretty much the compromise of the show putting a road trip story line one tiny town. Instead of getting a  different monster/mystery of the week and lots of people who you only see in once, you have growing tale of town were some really bizarre shit happens all the time.

The positive side of that compromise is that the villains have to escalate their insanity until there’s an eventual payoff that fans will feel was worth the wait.

Just ask GoT fans how they felt about Ramsey after last week.

So that’s how we get to see Jackie Earle Haley, playing the twisted Odin Quincannon,  shine in this week’s episode, Monster swamp.

It opens up with the ladies of the local bordello being chased by something that’s hunting them down as they run around in classic slasher movie cliche attire, tight shirt and not much else.

But it’s a fake out. We discover that they’re playing a paintball version of  “The Great Hunt” with their regular customers, the chosen few of the  Q M & P Meat packing plan who get the run of the town as long as they do anything their boss, Odin, asks of them.

Until one poor girl falls through a pit and dies.

The next morning, Odin arrives to give a very apathetic scolding to both his men and the sobbing girls while their friend’s corpse hangs from the rescue winch.

If that didn’t cement your loathing of Odin, perhaps seeing him piss on his competition’s brochure — that was still in the Mayor’s briefcase — will.

This was after Odin gave a short spiel about how his father and those before him  “took care” of things in the old days and no one dared say a thing. (Insert your own “Make a American” great comment here.) You can see how Odin is sliding from petty tyrant to out and out Caligula (of the meat packing plant variety) here. It seems that Odin instinctively know how far he can go with whom.

Oddly enough Jesse Custer’s weekly philosophy lesson is with Odin and the man come off as a logical, reasonable sort in that discussion. In the meantime, both men are working on Odin’s Alamo diorama. I couldn’t make this stuff up. That conversation, though, ends with a bet. Come to church and get Jesse’s family homestead if he doesn’t leave believing in God. Of course Jesse has an ace up his sleeve and uses his Voice on the man during a stirring sermon/monologue by Dominic Cooper.

So now Odin, the twisted patriarch of Annville is a zealot. That’s not going to end well.

This “stay in one town” concept also means we get to spend time knowing the side characters, discovering that while Emily is pining for the Preacher, she won’t mean she’ll won’t pass up on the convenience of the Mayor’s crush. As long as he understands it’s all temporary.

Just like a bit of real life, you can see that he still hopes that she’ll eventually change her mind as he tries his hardest to do the “best friend” ploy.

And the show can never seem to balance out its huge cast so Ruth Negga doesn’t get much play, her Tulip steaming and fuming about the callousness of everyone over the dead prostitute. It’s a bit of cliche that she stays at the bordello as a border because her mom worked there. But when she’s had enough she tried to take it out on a Q M & P goon, but get’s Cassidy “dead” instead. She get his to the ER, but our Irish vampire seems unconcerned about it all. Getting the chance to steal a kiss from her.

He was there enjoying the cash he had swindled out of the two angels.

Those two have now figured out that they have to use their special telephone to call upstairs and give the big guy some bad news. First that “it” had escaped into a human and that they are on Earth without permission.

The episode, thus, ends on two cliffhangers.

Tulip piecing together Cassidey’s vampire-hood while the angels make their phone call.

Random Musings:

With Cold War briefcase phones and old timey coffee cans as our only clues, what does heaven look like?

Angels like chainsaws evidently.

Does the school bus driver use the bus as he regular ride? Why is driving it around late at night?

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