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May 6, 2016

We’re big gaming fans here at the Ganz. And while that means only video games for a lot of people, we go for the broader label to include board games and RPGs.

If you dared to mash up Game Stop with the Adventure Game Store, we’d die happy.

But as you geek out about games, it becomes a rabbit hole. You just don’t look for the next great game, you start to recognize certain genres of games you like and the names of designers and companies that keep popping up with those types of games.

It’s not that much different from cinema geeks who follow their favorite directors and stars.

The next level, though, for some of us is to dive into the industry news and learn how games get made. (It’s probably no surprise that this “looking for the man behind the curtain” phase eventually becomes a “finding out how the sausage is made” phase.)

Despite that, the passion blooms inside some of us to make our own games. We want to try our own hand at making the same sort of fun that we enjoy every week.

And as you know, we’ve been having a blast playing the Cypher System for our crazy Day After Ragnarok RPG game. And through the wonders of technology, Ganza Gaming — along with other fans — can now make Cypher System gaming products.

Sooooo, we did a thing.

Our first stab at making a gaming product is a character class, or Type as they are called in Cypher, that hearkens back to a traditional fantasy archetype because we like to have our retro shoutouts while embracing the new.

This, though, is just a tease. We can’t say much for now, but there may be other goodies coming your way later this year. Just stay tuned to this channel and you’ll see.

But for now, check us out.

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