Episode 55 – Double Spaced

June 3, 2013

Space: the 55th frontier. This is an episode of the podcast Nerdstravaganza. Its mission: to explore the complicated relationship between science and science fiction, to discuss how technological advancements has surpassed our dreams and left us wanting at the same time, to dream about the real world advancements that fiction may spur. To go boldly where we haven’t gone before! WHOOSH! Ooo oooOO OoooOOO ooo!

Oh, boy! The future sure is going to be neat-o!

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Coliseum of Comics
Spooky Empire
Disney’s Monstrous All-Nighter
Respectable Street
Phoenix Comics and Games
Tom’s Simple Robot

Show Notes –
Mars Exploration Program
Asteroid Mining
NASA Spinoff Technology
We totally called this…

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