With Summer movies still on the mind, now is the perfect time to join a “rebooted” cast starring Tim, Ryan, and Chet as they weigh film franchise reboots against universe building and cite some examples to tilt the scales.

Haven't we seen this one before?

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Video Game Concert at Miami Dade College
Alien: Covenant
Hyperspace Mountain
Tom’s (Tim’s) deceased Roomba, Elmer, in happier times

The NEWStravaganza –
Tom Hardy Announced for Spiderman
Inflatable Moe’s Tavern
Kam (Chet) might be something about ethnic motoring

Show Notes –
Roseanne Reboot
Spider-Man Reboot
Spider-Man Reboot Reboot
Star Wars Prequels
Self-destructing Force sensitive droid
The Sun Crusher
The World isn’t ready for Wonder Woman…
…but we are!

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