If you make an awesome new show and nobody is there to watch it, did you really make it? As streaming services proliferate and paywalls are erected to protect them from freeloaders, the Ganzavision crew ponder this question and others.

Choices, choices...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
West World
Halt and Catch Fire
Gears of War 4
PlayStation VR
Transformers: Devastation
Doctor Aphra Ongoing
Life Debt: Aftermath
The Twelve
Ready Player One

The NEWStravaganza –
John Wick 3 in Development
America’s Leap to Mars
Rogue One Poster and Trailer
Gotham’s Mad Hatter
The Weirdest G.I. Joes of All Time

Show Notes –
Dark Net
Black Mirror
The Grand Tour on Amazon
Star Trek: Discovery
Tabletop on Alpha
The Grand Tour in Australia
NYCC Record Attendance

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