In honor of our nation’s electoral process, The Nerdstravaganza celebrates Super Twosday! In our version however, we decide which of our favorite films we’ll be beseeching our newly elected overlords for a sequel as soon as they assume the throne.

It's gunna be terrific!

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Florida Renaissance Festival
Galak-Z on PS4
Star Wars Battlefront – Outer Rim

The NEWStravaganza –
New Legend of Zelda for NZ Launch?
Kanye West Caught Using Pirate Bay
Laser Eyewear Projects Images Onto Retina
Self-Driving Car Hits Bus
MobilECG Business Cards

Show Notes –
Primary Colors
Enemy Mine
The Wraith
The Sixth Sense
Baby – Secret of the Lost Legend
True Lies
Forest Gump
ET – The Extra-Terrestrial
They Live
Strange Brew

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