You’re all familiar, no doubt, with that old battle cry offered every time any book is made into a movie, but WHY was the book better? Ever the fans of digging deeper, the Nerdstravaganza crew seek to find out why the written word seems to always outshine the celluloid treatment.

It's like, a metaphor, or something...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Dragon Quest Heroes
Fringed Suede Purse
The Way of Kings Audiobook
LotR: Deck Building
Magic City Comic Con
Clockwork Lives
Korka Comics
Disney Infinity

The NEWStravaganza –
Freeze-dried Poop Pills
Water Bears Frozen for 30 Years Revived
Chocolate-Covered Fries
NX to Run at 900p?
10 Cloverfield Lane

Show Notes –
Starship Troopers
Ender’s Game
Cloud Atlas
ASoIaF v. GoT

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