Another year gone and the Ganza Gang have still yet to attend Dragon Con, so they turn to special guest, cosplayer, and long time attendee Ashley Kayley to entertain them with stories from the front lines of Atlanta.

Ashley Kayley

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Mini Segway
Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Knights of Sidonia
Envoy Program
Don’t Turn Your Back
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Force Friday
Geeks Who Drink
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xavier Woods Fanfare

The NEWStravaganza –
Department of Labor Piracy
Arx Pax Tractor Beam
French Fry Vending Machine
Space Whiskey
Boeing’s Starliner
ThinkGeek Coming to Orlando
Almost No Women on Ashley Madison

Show Notes –
Ashley Kayley
Dragon Con
Carpet Cosplay
Dragon Con Parade
The Guild
Cosplay is Not Consent

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