This week, the Ganza Gang get all worked up over cable bills and streaming solutions to discuss the best way to watch their favorite shows in the new age of television.

We control the horizontal...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Vista View Park
Epic Card Game
The Knight of Swords
Extra History Patreon
Everglades National Park
Gen Con
Terminator: Genisys
Mr. Robot
Star Wars Luggage

The NEWStravaganza –
Gaston’s Fireworks Accident
Giant Mecha Duel
Doctor Who Dimensions
MTV’s Shannara Chronicles
Marisa Tomei Cast as Aunt May
John Green Accused of Being Creepy
Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator
Wearable Mega Man Helmet
The Semicolon Tattoo

Show Notes –
Amazon Prime Instant Video

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