What better way to celebrate American independence than by blowing up a movie that celebrates American independence by blowing up the world! This year instead of lighting up fireworks, the Nerdstravaganza gang lights up their movie-viewing passions and discusses a film loathed and loved in equal parts.


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Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Florida Super Con
Robotech RPG Tactics
Humans on AMC
Dragon’s Dogma
Amazon Echo

The NEWStravaganza –
M:tG Rules Changes
Suicide Squad’s On-set Therapist
Punisher v. Daredevil
UFC’s Cloaking Device
Girl Scouts Return $100,000 Donation
US Challenges Japan to Robot Duel
MMO Players Imprison Virtual Troll

Show Notes –
Independence Day: Resurgence
Battle: Los Angeles
San Andreas
Mars Attacks!
John Carter
John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

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