A casual joke in last week’s episode has caused Chris to ponder the housing of the future. Will single family homes still be a thing? Does a dystopian landscape filled with skyscrapers await us? Or will we be living in the sleek science fiction cities of our childhood fantasies? Listen now and find out what we think the future may hold!

Vertigo Warning!

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Sci-fi on Syfy!
Mouse Guard: The Black Axe
Free RPG Day
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale
Gods & Monsters
Artegon Marketplace Orlando
The Cloak & Blaster
Amazon Echo
Galaxy 6 Edge

The NEWStravaganza –
David Tennant Joins Chew Adaptation
ReCore Trailer
Green Lantern Corps Movie
Marvel’s Spider-Man Named
Japanese Console Sales
Lexus Hoverboard
Dwayne Johnson to Star in Rampage Movie
STD Detecting Condoms
North Korean Wonder Drug Cures Everything
Anakin Skywalker Arrested

Show Notes –
Shipping Container Homes
Life is Better on a Houseboat
Florida is Sinking
Impending Tidal Wave Disaster
Prefab Houses
Seattle Floating Homes

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