This week, the Nerdstravaganza crew sits down with third time guest, Brian Dalrymple, for an updated look at the business side of tabletop gaming in the year 2015! What exciting stuff should we be looking forward to in the near-future? Listen in and you might just find out!

GAMA Trade Show Logo

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Miami HurriCon
The Wolf Among Us
The Whispering Swarm
Card Kingdom

The NEWStravaganza –
Swiss Apple Watch Delay
Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover News
Metal Gear Solid Movie Screenwriter Named
Animated Batman Movie
Killjoys on Syfy
Floridians Mistakenly Murdering Tortoises

Doctor Who: Dark Journey

Show Notes –
The Adventure Game Store
GAMA Trade Show
Mayfair Games
Star Wars: Armada
Double Exposure’s Envoy Program
Wil Wheaton’s RPG Show to Use AGE System

TableTop Day
HMGS South Conventions
Origins Game Fair
San Diego Comic Con
Gen Con
Dragon Con

The Cloak & Blaster
Gods and Monsters
Catan Day

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