An innocent comment made by last week’s guest has gotten the Nerdstravaganza gang to thinking – Might the rise of tabletop lead to the fall of video games? Of course, the short answer is “no” but that’s no fun, now is it? But listening in as the guys discuss the pros and cons of their two favorite hobbies is!

Let the Wookie win...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Yardmaster Express
D&D Attack Wing
Locke & Key
DC Deck-Building: Forever Evil
Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World and America
Over the Garden Wall

The NEWStravaganza –
Hackers Save Christmas
Japan Rations McDonald’s Fries
US Navy’s Robotic Spy Tuna
Facebook Considering a Dislike Button

Show Notes –
Days of Wonder Online
Star Realms Digital Deckbuilder
Krosmaster Online
Golem Arcana
Card Hunter

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