Nerdstravaganza is playing with power! In this week’s show, a skeptical Brian and hopeful Tom welcome special guest host and Nintendo expert and advocate, Nick, to discuss Nintendo’s past, present, and possible glorious future. Think you’re a Game Master? Then listen in, Captain N!

It'sa us, The Mario Bros!

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Breaking Bad
Hearthstone, beloved of the masses.
Red Dead Redemption
Ninja Gaiden 2

Show Notes –
Cloak and Blaster
Sega Channel
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sales figures
Halo 4 sales figures
Diablo III sales figures
Diablo III was the speediest seller.
Why Wii U is a total failure.
Or, is it a total failure?
Maybe Wii U been saved after all.
Wii U advertising is child’s play, dummy!
But just in case adults don’t get the Wii U message…
What we really need is a new Super Game Boy.
And a subscription plan that includes the Virtual Console.
Oh, and do this game, but better, and with Metroids.

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