The best laid plans of nerds and men oft go awry, and this week is proof! Episode 118 was originally supposed to be an interview with Steve Kleisath about his latest attempt at a classic arcade game word record, but the hacker group known as The Lizard Squad has something else in mind! Forced to adapt to the loss of due to a DDOS attack, Tom and Brian decide instead to spend the time pontificating on what might make one choose to risk imprisonment for the cheap thrill of temporarily taking down a popular entertainment site. But don’t worry about Steve, his interview is still on for an upcoming episode.

I'll lick you... I'll lick you so hard...

Geekly Weekly Round Up –
Jamaica by Asmodee
Repainting X-Wing
Legion of Everblight
Pax Prime

Show Notes –
Lizard Squad’s Twitter
Monster Hunter III on Twitch Brough Down by Lizard Squad
League of Legends Servers Down
The Hacker’s Manifesto

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