As “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album, Mandatory Fun, burns up the charts, Tom, Brian, and Erik convene to discuss their favorite Al-infused memories and songs. Will this be the episode that finally inspires Weird Al to do a Nerdstravaganza parody?

Nerdstravaganza is Illuminati Approved
Weekly Geekly Update
Dota 2 on ESPN
Grand Prix Race-o-Rama
Fine Slow Cookers by Hamilton Beach
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Kingdom Hearts
World of Warcraft

Show Notes
The Complete Al
Dare to be Stupid from Dare to be Stupid
Grapefruit Diet from Running with Scissors
Bite Me (Bonus Track) from Off the Deep End
One More Minute from Dare to be Stupid
Airline Amy from Off the Deep End
Happy Birthday from Weird Al Yankovic
Fat from Even Worse
Angry White Boy Polka from Poodle Hat
Word Crimes from Mandatory Fun
Sports Song from Mandatory Fun
FOIL from Mandatory Fun
Puddles Pity Party’s treatment of “Royals”
Reptilian Funny Man Patton Oswalt
Adventure Time
Regular Show
Banana Man
Paydirt! Weird Al Hits #1

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