What the road is paved with

March 24, 2017

(The Weeping Somnambulist)

This was a rare episode of being mostly on Earth, which means more board room style drama, which plays right into actress’s Shohreh Aghdashloo’s wheelhouse and she lets her Avasarala shine. We see that the fallout from Eros has lifted her star. Her boss, Errinwright , now come to her office and her spy master no longer hides in the shadows.

She asks “… any damn question that she likes!” with a smile that says, come at me bro! And her questions are aimed at Draper who is less than thrilled with her already lackluster visit on Earth. It doesn’t help when the Martian marine finds out that the MCR has made her one of her best troopers, an Earth expat, the fall guy. Not that he or the rest of her squad argue since they were all K.I.A.

Avasarala sees through this ruse and is determined to get to the bottom of it, even at the expense of Earth getting a chance to rake Mars over the coals for saying my bad. The politician presses on the Martian until Draper confesses that someone in the fight wasn’t wearing a vac suit.  As TV coincidences go, Avasarala will soon hear from her spy over Venus.  Llong range scans have picked up signs of life-giving chemicals in the planet’s poisonous atmosphere. She knows that Eros is not done shaking up things in the solar system.

The Roci crew, however, can’t catch a break this week playing the good guys. Every person they meet is not impressed with them, or their plans to sneak on to Ganymede. It seems that the universe is out to teach Holden a less that good guys finish last. The ship that the episode is named for comes out of the ordeal definitely the worse for wear despite good intentions.

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