Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name: Expanse Recap

February 10, 2017

by Christopher Robin Negelein


Miller’s day just keeps getting worse; he’s in cuffs for just a little while because of his sudden execution of Dresden. Holden morality is incensed by that action and he kicks Millar, who just only got adopted into the crew, out on his ass.

After Miller gets a “we are not so different” moment from Amos, he has to crash at Diogo’s pad to endure hearing what a DJ has done in mix music with the data signals coming off of Eros. He’s in his own old man hell, right there.

But the real devils we deal with what Protogen has done to everyone working for them and the further clues to Amos’ past (and why he’s the sociopath he is today.)
One of the prisoners from the research station is a Protogen scientist driven to keep scribbling organic chemicals on his cell walls with his dinner as the ink. Butt won’t talk about his work while under interrogation, especially as Holden keeps reaching out to empathize with the man.

Turns out the man’s empathy was literally shut off with some sort of neurological procedure that’s irreversible.

In the meantime, the camera has been lingering on Amos as they try to interrogate the scientist. Then our resident bad boy engineer asks Holden, “Have you ever talked to pedophile?”

Keeping in mind last season when Amos told Alex, the pilot, that he grew up in a brothel, you can read in between the lines.

Amos’ tactic based on that bit of experience? Don’t engage the scientist’s empathy, but his obsession instead. “Eros is his pedophilia.”

By describing the sickening details of Julie Mao’s death, the scientist become an eager ally who decodes the Eros data stream and gives everyone bad news. Whatever everyone on Eros is becoming, they are busy building something.

Alex, on the other hand, has become super focused on replaying and re-simulating his last dogfight. He’s determined not to let anyone else die when he’s at the helm.

Col. Johnson was around for key moments, but we spent more time with his second in command. That’s literally the title of actress’s part, “Col. Johnson’s Second in Command” played by Cara Gee who does a good job of portraying a tough Belter who has her shit together and is warming up to the Roci crew. (The poor, poor Roci, she’s was so trashed by that dog fight that she couldn’t even hold an atmosphere.)

When Holden’s moral dilemma of what Miller did kills his mood for sexy times with an amorous Naomi, it’s Gee’s character that pulls Naomi out of the slump with some Belter hand ball and clubbing.

Meanwhile someone has to get the short shrift with the focus on Amos this week and it was Avasarala. With her new spy, who isn’t happy that he’s gone from light free-lance to full-on technically treasonous work. Avasarala has him send a message to Johnson, confessing her public duplicities and asking for evidence that would help her shift blame from the innocent OPA. She, and the audience, did relish putting Julie Mao’s dad on the spot in a personal meeting. It’s a bit of plot hole magic, though, that she didn’t tip her hand to her boss.

And our favorite Martian Gunnery Sargent is chomping at the bit to kick some Earth ass to the point that she over looks one of her own getting picked on for his Earther heritage. But when she accidentally clocks him while to break up a fight, he doesn’t turn her in. She admits to her cooler headed officer that the boy has true Martian dust in his veins and sets things right in her squad.

And on the global stage, Earth retaliatory strike on Deimos has cranked up international tensions.

They could get ramped up even more as Miller comes back from checking out the Nauvoo, the Mormon generation ship, which he thinks will make a great ramming missing for taking out Eros.

That’s the idea that he floats out to Johnson as the episode closes out.

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