Miller’s Crossing: The Expanse Recap

February 18, 2017
By Christopher Robin Negelein


If you loved Miller, then this was one of your favorite episodes and Jane Thomas delivers on the character’s heart of gold under his cynicism. And finally, Holden learns that he can’t keep his hands clean forever.

But first, the Martians are completely absent in this episode, so let’s home this means we get an equal time episode soon.

The status quo for the Earthers, though, hasn’t changed. It’s the usual side B song of  Avasarala kicking ass with that commanding voice of hers.

Earth forces find and shot down the stealth ship, letting Avasarala everage the evidence into an investigation that freezes Mr. Mao’s assets, He’s forced to come in for a meeting with the Queen ballbreaker and her boss, Errinwright. Avasarala applies the thumbscrews, which makes her Errinwright sweat, but he thinks she’s still dancing to his strings.

In a private call later, Mr. Mao and Errinwright’s alliance falls apart. Mr. Mao knows she’s onto him and he severs his ties to Earth gov.

That whole Earther aside come and goes quickly because the hefty portion of show is about turning the Nauvoo into a giant que ball that’s going to ricochet Eros into the Solar System’s center pocket, the Sun.

The cranky Mormons being shuttled off to the Tycho station know something is up, but Miller is firm with the missionary we met last week and everyone emptied out of the Nauvoo.

The sense of scale was fantastic, the “tiny” tow rockets and the melting infrastructure under the burn of five mighty rockets was impressive.  Miller has volunteered with his young sidekick, Diogo, to be part of the demolitions crew. The plan is that the bombs will melt the Eros’ shell into a prison.

Of course, nothing ever goes to plan.

The Roci finds that a high class rental, the Marasmus, has docked on the outiside of Eros. A drone finds plenty of medbay and medical supplies. The Marasmus crew claim to be volunteer doctors on a mercy mission. That’s when Miller finds their dead crew mate inside a hacked airlock. The corpse has been protomoleculed to death.

Convinced the Roci crew is a Martian military op covering up a secret bio-weapon, the Marasmus makes a break for it to outpace the Roci’s jamming range. Faced with either more people coming to investigate (and getting infected) if the Marasmus broadcasts out or taking out the ship, Holden makes the hard choice. He pushes the button himself.

I’m almost surprised that Amos didn’t acknowledge the moment, but I’m sure there’s going to be a moment between those two down the road.

The debris from the Marasmus, though, wrecks the timer on one of Diogo’s bombs. If he lifts his finger off the control panel, a one-minute countdown restarts. That’s not enough time to jetpack away before the chain reaction lights up the rock.

Miller volunteers to stay, hand on the button, only to learn that he’s been welcomed back on the Roci crew.

Tears are shed as the Nauvoo sails toward impact on Eros. Until Miller sees the generation ship sail past. Did the Belter eggheads get the math wrong?

Then everyone stares at the screen realizing that Eros, a rock with no visible rockets or propulsion, moved itself.

End credits.

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