Heavy skies for Martian eyes: The Expanse Rewatch

April 1, 2017

By Christopher Robin Negelein

As you know, I’ve been wishing to see the poor people on Earth and civilians on Mars and this week the Expanse gave me half my wish. The trade off, though, is seeing how dark things have gotten for the crew of the Roci.

The darkness is a one part Amos still teetering on the tracks as he revisits his own past through the fear of what could be happening to little Mei. While the other part is Holden shedding off his shining knight armor to become a more pragmatic man.

The three see how trashed Gynamdede has become and how desperate people are getting. People are attacking their sherpa, Dr. Prax , eating the non-nutritional foliage in the air scrubbers and falling for scams. One such scam is a guy will barter your food for video surveillance footage so you can try to find a missing loved one.

So far, no one ever has yet found their missing family in these videos until Amos finds a more persuasive way to use a Spam can. Lately, it seems that every time Amos starts punching, it gets harder and harder for him to stop. And when it suits his purposes, Holden is now more than willing to have Amos let go. Something that’s frustrating Naomi. The videos lead to an older section of the base where there are no cameras, which seems a bit too plot convenient. Prax in trying to fix the things he can, has discovered that the station is probably already dying, the bio parts of the air scrubbers already past the point of no return.

Back on Earth, Errinwright has finally had enough with the dark secrets he’s keeping and confesses to Avasarala while giving her files that puts everything into order for her. She even has a full picture of the Seventh Man on Ganymede. Something she shows to Bobbie after the Gunnery Sargent took an unauthorized field trip out to the ocean.

While finding that the only thing that could help her escape was her own purple heart medal was a bit on the nose for dramatic irony, I wasn’t disappointed with how the The Expanse shows poor Earthers. It seems that you can literally die on a waiting list for either a job or your meds. The embedded tech on all of the pots and pans was cool, though it made me wonder how the display on the homemade was supposed to be done. Just the geek in me overthinking some special effects. But Bobby learns that Earth people aren’t as lazy and the ocean is cleaner than she’s been told.

As Avasarala is wrapping up the day with her spymaster, Cotyar, the man says he’s pleasantly surprised to be working for the good guys again. Evidently things are getting brighter somewhere in the Expanse universe.

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