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Ganza Gaming’s RPG Play Episode 5: Changing Parameters

So our Texas Rangers have gone from an Investigative mission, to Search and Rescue to now just Survival. How will our crew use their abandoned town to their advantage, Check it out in our fifth... Read More
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Episode 242 – Words are Wind

Online, debate is often confused with argument, which is itself often confused with something productive or worthwhile. In this episode the nerds struggle to see the point wars of words on the Internet. Geekly Weekly... Read More

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Some disassembly required

By Christopher Robin Negelein (Caliban’s War) The Expanse finale ends with a reverse explosion, lives changed and Ahab coming in from the cold. The theme for a couple of the characters in the final Season…

Errinwright gone wrong

By Christopher Robin Negelein (Here Be Dragons and The Monster and the Rocket) The Expanse is still doing a great job of coupling episodes that set up the dominos and then watch them fall. With…

What the road is paved with

(The Weeping Somnambulist) This was a rare episode of being mostly on Earth, which means more board room style drama, which plays right into actress’s Shohreh Aghdashloo’s wheelhouse and she lets her Avasarala shine. We…